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Mara Hoffman Resort 2015

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We are IN LOVE with these new FEATHERS tees at UO.

We are IN LOVE with these new FEATHERS tees at UO.

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Beat the Heat: Summer Style

From top to bottom: Everlane Cotton Crew in Muted Black, $15, purchase here; Everlane Cotton Crew in Salt, $15, purchase here; Everlane Muscle Tank in Black, $28, purchase here; Everlane Ryan Tank in White, $20, purchase here; American Apparel Thick-Knit Jersey P.E. Shorts in Black, $15, purchase here; Forever 21 Marled Knit Joggers in Heather Grey, $19.80, purchase here

The east coast is burning, horribly… really, really horribly, y’all.  Like, the east coast is on fire from this heat wave, and not in the cool, metaphorical way that we used to say to people in the ‘90s.  Survival out here in New Jersey and New York means staying indoors with the AC set to freezing, but it’s the summer, and staying indoors is a bummer, especially when the sun is so perpetually welcoming.  So, when staying indoors is totally out of the question, how do you survive outdoors?  How do you survive the heat and the humidity and the sun?  You learn to dress for it.  And as someone who isn’t actually the world’s biggest fan of knee-showing and sleeveless tees, I’ve learned to dress for the weather without sacrificing my penchant for non-summer apparel and my personal style.  A little shoulder is actually pretty attractive.

I have to say that my summer staples have been sleeveless tees, short-sleeved tees, running shorts, and sweatpants (stay with me when I say sweatpants, because I’m totally not donning the-heaviest-of-heavy fleece sweatpants in this 90-degree heat with 1000% humidity, y’all).  What’s perfect about these staples is that they’re unisex – everyone can wear everything.  It sounds so simple, and that’s because it is so simple; of course everyone is wearing sleeveless tees and shorts during this killer heat wave, right?  But the difference between you and everyone else is that you’re here, and you’re reading this, and you want to dress for this heat without looking careless and messy (because not everyone looks like a million dollars in this heat wave, trust).  The key to lookin’ good is keepin’ it simple.  Check out these three summer staples, and I’ll tell you why they work so you can work.

1. Simple Tees from Everlane

Everlane’s tees are staples in my yearly wardrobe.  I’ve totally been wearing and over-wearing them this summer, and what’s amazing about them is that they hold up really, really well to multiple wears and multiple rounds in the washer and dryer, a pretty uncommon quality for 100% cotton tees.  Everlane offers tees for men and for women, and the quality of the fit and the material is unparalleled.  The men’s tees from the Cotton collection are thee best tees that I’ve ever owned.  I order a size up from my regular size because I prefer a slightly looser silhouette (and to all my girls out there, if you opt for the men’s tees over the women’s tees, I suggest ordering one size down from your regular size for a normal look, and your regular size or one size up for a looser look), and it’s seriously perfect for me, especially for tucking into a pair of shorts or a pair of jeans (a totally killer and simple look).  The one thing that the women’s collection has over the men’s collection is a cool selection of tanks that are 100% cotton (The Muscle Tank) and 100% rayon (The Ryan Tank), and both types of tanks transition flawlessly from day to night, casual to dressy.  Check ‘em out, y’all.

2. Jersey Shorts from American Apparel

These shorts come in a variety of colors, but I prefer them in black, navy, and heather grey, because they’re the most versatile colors for me.  What I love about these is that they’re cut shorter than other shorts that you typically come across these days (think gym class in the ‘80s, in the best way), and the shorter cut is flattering for all different heights (you’ll look taller!).  The cotton/polyester material is heavy enough and effortlessly appropriate for dressing down and dressing up.  The elastic waistband and the track-short-inspired side slits are simple, winning details, making these shorts an essential summer stunner.  Buy them, and wear them all day and all night.

3. Sweatpants and Joggers

I’ve preached about the versatility and practicality of sweatpants and joggers on this blog in the past, and I’m going to keep preaching.  When I’m not ready to don my knees in the summer heat, I say no to jeans and yes to sweatpants.  I know what you’re thinking – wearing sweatpants during this horrifying heat wave is utter madness, but there are factors to consider.  Consider the material, most importantly: a cotton or cotton blend is preferred over wool, wool blends, and 100% polyester; cotton and cotton blends breathe well enough to keep you cool.  This pair of men’s joggers from Forever 21 is perfect for day and night, and the cotton/polyester material is lightweight and practical.  Forever 21 has an impressive selection of sweatpants for men and for women, and the stores always have more of a selection than online (though the online selection is excellent).  To all my girls reading this: try the men’s sweatpants!  They’re well-made and a little more long-lasting and washer and dryer friendly than the women’s sweatpants (i.e., they usually won’t shrink after one round in the washer and dryer).  They’re also made with a lower rise, so they’re perfect for sporting your favorite cropped tees.  Trust me on this one.


Rudy, Trend Warrior

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Like some strange thing in a natural history museum, this unusual botanical necklace contains a real moss green fern leaf, which I gathered from a local woodland last summer. When I brought these delicate little leaves home, I then pressed and preserved them inside an elegant glass locket, before stringing them on a sparkling silver chain. 

In wearing this pendant, you will always bring a little piece of the wild woods with you. A thread of connection, that keeps you intertwined with nature wherever in the world life takes you. It was designed to conjure up memories of a thousand whispering leaves, the smell of damp, crushed moss underfoot and golden dappled sunlight on the forest floor.

The locket is glass, while the Art Nouveau style clasp is silver toned and the beautiful chain is 925 Sterling silver.

You can read more or purchase on my website:

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Lupita Nyong’o for Vogue US  July 2014

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Obey Healer Bucket Hat 100% Authentic Obey merchandise

Color: Ink Blue Material: 100% Cotton Features: One size Origin: China

Pot and paisley? Who can say no?

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Rosie Assoulin Resort 2015 

Hard to believe that it’s been just one year since Rosie Assoulin launched her namesake line. Since her debut last summer, Assoulin has quickly captured the industry’s attention with her modern takes on occasionwear, which notably earned her a Swarovski CFDA Award nomination. While fashion Cinderella stories like Assoulin’s are few and far between, her new Resort collection stands as further proof that the designer’s overnight ascent was no fluke. After establishing a distinct language for the brand early on, Assoulin continued the conversation this season by updating signature plays on sculptural volumes and vibrant color combinations. Current fans will gravitate toward the block-striped strapless tops and halter gowns with cascade details, as well as the crisp white cotton look that paired a crop top featuring dramatic sleeves with wide-leg trousers. “I feel like this girl is ready to walk onto the set of a Quentin Tarantino film and kick ass,” said Assoulin of the latter outfit during her intimate presentation.

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